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Bibim Bap Bibim Bap
["bee-bim-bop", but pronunciation does vary]

Bibim bap translates simply to "mixed rice" and it is an everyday dish in Korean households. It is also a great "refrigerator cleaner", as the ingredients can be adapted to anything you have lingering in the crisper of your 'fridge. A quick glance at the ingredients and you can easily see how it's a perfect mix of carbs, protein and fat, and packed with nutrients.

1/2 lb. of steak, chicken or tofu
1 egg
1 tablespoon of peanut oil
1 cup of cooked rice
1/2 cup of raw shredded carrots
2 cups of mixed field greens
1/2 a sliced sauteed zucchini
1/2 cup of shiitake mushrooms
1/2 bag of pre-rinse spinach
1 tablespoon Thai-style chili sauce

To start get your rice cooking. Prepare the rice according to however many people you are serving. [Stir 1 cup of rice into 2 cups of boiling water, reduce to simmer, cover tightly and simmer for 20 minutes, while NEVER lifting the lid]
The above ingredients should be served in one large bowl and the dish is built from the bottom on up and can feed one very hungry person.
Once the rice is started you will be able to complete this dish in about 20 minutes. Take the bowl in which you plan to serve the meal and begin by adding the mixed field greens and carrots.
Slice the zucchini and mushrooms, preferably shitake, and saute in a skillet with peanut oil. It should only take about 5 minutes then place in your bowl. Save the juices and now add about a half a bag of pre-rinsed spinach. It will wilt down to one serving then also place in the bowl.
Take a package of sandwhich steak and thinly slice into strips. Add a little more peanut oil and turn the heat up. You want to flash cook the meat about three minutes total over very hot heat. When the meat is finished add to the bowl and begin to fry your egg. Serve sunnyside up.
By now your rice should be done. Take a cup of cooked rice and place nicely on the side of the bowl. The last step is to take your red hot chili sauceand dilute it with a tablespoon of water and stir sauce until it will pour easily.
Spread the sauce on top of the dish. It's best to mix the ingredients in the bowl together so the sauce covers everything then dig in! Just another amazing dish from the East.

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