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Roasted Pulled-Pork Tacos

3 lb. pork shoulder, or butt
pork rub [see below]
corn tortillas

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Pat pork dry. Season with the rub (by rubbing the pork with the seasonings). Roast for 5 hrs.

Pull pork apart with two forks. Serve an ounce or two of pulled pork in a tortilla and top with salsa.

Pork Rub
3 T. kosher salt 1 T. granulated garlic
1 T. mexican oregano
1 T. cumin seeds, ground
1 tsp. black pepper corns, or ground pepper
1 tsp. cinnamon, freshly grated, if possible

Grind cumin seeds and peppercorns, if you have them whole. Toss with remaining ingredients.

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