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Soft Shell Crab Sandwich Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches
with Tabasco Mayonnaise

Cleaning the crabs

Sharp scissors make this an easy task.
Cut 1/2 inch back from the eyes and lashes.
Lift up the top shell on the right and cut out the lungs,
a.k.a the Devil, those unmistakeable, spongy triangles
pointing inward. Repeat on the left. Discard.

A fresh soft shell should still be alive.
To kill it, for that lack of a better word,
simply flip the crab over and stab it right in the center.
This will do the job.

Cooking the crabs

Heat a fry pan on medium heat. When hot, spoon in a tablespoon of butter
which will melt and sizzle quickly. Immediately place two crabs face down.
Soft shell crabs do not take long to cook.
At the most, four minutes per side, depending upon thickness.

Tabasco Mayonnaise

This is best done with the help of a food processor, but a blender
can work just as well. Crack and seperate eggs.
Discard whites, or save for another use.
Place 2 egg yolks in the food processor along with
salt and pepper
and 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
Process to blend for just a second
Now, with the processor running,
slowly pour in 1 1/4 cups of olive oil.
Slow is the key here - a nice, steady, thin stream.
After incorporating the oil, add at least four dashs of Tabasco.
Then take one lemon half (no seeds) and squeeze into the mayo.
Process again for a second to blend.
Spread mayo on rolls or bread of choice.
Note: the mayo take no time to make and can be done
while the soft shells are cooking.

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