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Stir Fry Sauce
Makes One Quart

This is a very basic sauce of soy, ginger & garlic. It is strong in all of these flavors and makes enough to keep in the fridge for weeks. The use of cornstarch will "gel" the sauce when it cools, so don’t think it has gone bad – it will liquify for you when reheated.

5 cups of soy sauce (4 ten-ounce bottles)
2 cups of water
1/2 cup of fresh, grated ginger (about six small roots)
1/4 cup of minced garlic
1 cup of very cold water
1/2 cup of cornstarch

Heat the soy sauce and water in a saucepan over low heat while you prepare the vegetables. Peel the ginger root and shred them to a pulp using a grater. Peel and mince garlic (or buy the pre-minced garlic sold at the store in a jar) When soy comes to a light boil, mix the one cup of very cold water with the cornstarch and pour this cold mixture into the hot soy mixture. Bring the sauce back to a boil over low heat, stirring constantly with a spoon.

Watch it thicken before your very eyes, until it coats the back of a spoon. Stir in the garlic and ginger. Do not add salt – the soy is high in sodium. If you use low-salt soy, then you can salt it to taste. Use 2 ounces per serving of stir fry vegetables.

Best Stir Fry Vegetables:

Thin-cut carrots
Diagonally-cut celery
Small broccoli stems
Snow peas
Sugar snap peas

Best Served over noodles like linguine

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