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Insights & Tips on Grits

Angela, a self-described Geechee girl from South Carolina, was kind enough to shed some light on preparing true Southern grits. For more on the Gullah people of Low Country, click here.

You can either buy regular old fashioned white grits or quick cooking grits, they taste the same, one requires about 15 more min of cooking. Double the water to the amount of grits used, and add a little salt. Just never use instant processed grits.

You can use yellow grits too, which are sometimes called plantation grits. The yellow requires more attention, must add chicken broth and stock to cooking for flavor, also must add a little milk, 1/2 & 1/2 , evap. milk or heavy cream when they are almost done. Yellow grits are good for any polenta recipe. Have to stir all grits often and add keep adding a little liquid to keep them creamy and moist. The longer they cook with a cover on them, the creamier and thicker they get.

Always add grits to boiling water while stirring, then turn down to very low heat and simmer. You can top with gravy or eat them plain with butter. My mom use to stir in a raw egg and/or sharp cheddar cheese when they are almost done. Delicious!! You can make a brown gravy or cream gravy and serve with spiced sauteed Carolina shrimp on top or sausage broken up in the grits. Yum!

People up north, put sugar on their grits. Southerners, never. Taste terrible. You can add chopped garlic and hot sauce if you like.

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