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Waffle Bites Waffle Bites

you know when you're making waffles and you realize (just like every time you make waffles) that you can't feed everyone at once, so you put 'em in the oven to keep 'em warm, or you wrap 'em in a kitchen towel and eat 'em lukewarm and limp, and that no matter how you tackle it, you still have to take turns eating your own waffle? well, waffle bites solve this dining challenge.

make a waffle (or two) and cut it down its natural columns, and then in rows into tiny squares. heat a fry pan and melt butter and syrup together until bubbling and toss the waffle bites until well coated. serve along with your eggs and bacon as a small side dish on the same plate.

i know, it's sad. i really do think about this stuff.

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